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Goodbye, Mr. Bradbury

We grow, we blossom, we achieve, and do we ever really consider those who encouraged and inspired up to become the people we are or aspire to be? Some of them (many of them) are our teachers who see our light and guide us to brightness. For me, that teacher was Judy Dalton, who one day in Freshman English looked up from reading my paper and simply said, “You’re a writer.” From that moment on, I knew that, although I had been a writer all along, this
was my truth and validation—and my future.

But before Judy Dalton, there was Ray Bradbury who lit the fire in my soul, who caused me to write in the first place. He fed me stories that refreshed me, frightened me, surprised me, caused me pain and exhilaration. He turned my simple small-town world upside-down as I learned to question my very instincts, to doubt the obvious, to exult in the everyday—and to write about it all.

Although I never met him, he was my mentor, and I struggled to emulate him, writing fiction, essays, movie scripts, TV pilots, anything that had words and meaning. I marveled at his staggering amount of publications, his ability to write anything, any style, any format, and have it all sound original, fresh, and
personal. His works focused on story and meaning, encouraging me to do the same. Though I could never catch up, I knew he would expect me to try. I can
give no better tribute than to say that with his passing, the world is a lesser place.

Thank you, Mr. Bradbury, for the inspiration and the aspiration.

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