In Any Election, We Get What We Deserve

Okay, the first caucus–Ohio–is done, and while there were some slight surprises, we really aren’t very surprised about the results. The top three Republicans and top two Democrats are the ones we expected to make a showing.

And there’s a reason for that. After all, weren’t those five people pretty much the only ones the media pushed? We heard every day about Trump, Cruz and Rubio, about the race between Clinton and Sanders.

Where were the others in the race? Did they not get coverage because their numbers were so low, or were their numbers so low because they got no coverage? Even the debate analyses–for both parties–focused primarily on the “top” candidates. You might slightly recollect Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, and Ben Carson, each of whom once commanded our attention. But each fell out of vogue. More, unless you actually watched the debates (I didn’t, I admit), you might not have known that Jim Gilmore or John Katsich were even in the race. It seemed that with each vapid statement or unwise activity each candidate sank lower in the media attention. And so, with less attention, numbers plummeted, meaning even less attention.

Whatever happened to equal coverage? The outrageous and controversial rise to the top, crushing the others. And while none of the Republican choices is actually particularly qualified for the presidency, we get who we get—the ones with the most radical statements, the most money, or the most press-interesting campaign. And because we let this happen, we get what we deserve. How sad.

How frightening.

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