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It’s impossible to be a free spirit when you own a dog.

As an only person, when you take on a dog  your life is compressed into short blocks of freedom bounded by walks, feedings, and other attentions. Time away–even job time–is dictated by budget and guilt, while vacations are riddled with separation anxiety. It’s even more intense than having children–if you’re running late, at least your child can carry a key, open the door to get in out of the rain, use the toilet (flushing or not), wash up (you hope), and find the peanut butter. Your dog is dependent on you to keep him from messing on the carpet and chewing up the furniture out of boredom.

It was my own fault. I should not have visited the shelter that day, should not have fallen under the spell of the happy little dog who licked my fingers through the cage wire.When I opted to adopt my furry companion, I chose to forget the wild woman I once aspired to be. I would not be flying to New York or London on whim, dancing until dawn, or working a high-powered job that demanded long hours. I chose to shift my concerns to researching the best dog foods, working my schedule around a daily visit to the dog park, and accepting as vital relationships those established with a reliable dog walker and worthy veterinarian. I made the choice to be tethered to that ball of buff fur curled up under my home desk enjoying a barefoot massage while I work. I chose to exchange my freedom for warmth, appreciation, and a kiss on the nose.

I chose well. Good boy, Obie.








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