Shameless self-promotion

The goal of writers (well, most writers), aside from producing life-changing ideas and dizzying prose is to be published. It used to be we had to type out a clean copy (probably with onionskin copies) and go through the tedious process of correct binding, correct envelope, correct postage, of standing in line at the post office for correct postage, and then waiting the six months or more for a possible response, usually a small memo saying “Thanks but no thanks.” Then, because simultaneous submissions were verboten, we’d start the process all over again, maybe with rewrites, maybe not (after all, one editor might like what another one rejected).

Computers and the world of cyberspace has made the submission process much easier, but that is a double-edged sword, because now there is no deterrent to the hack writer who can easily send material everywhere with the click of a button.

So an acceptance is doubly appreciated and celebrated. And that is my roundabout way of announcing that, yes, my story “Mikvah” was a finalist in the Escape Into Life contest, which was judged by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler. The story will be published on the Web site sometime in May and can be read there.

I am heartened.

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