I Hate Politics!

I normally shy away from politics, but the recent situation in Washington has
caused me great anxiety, and more, embarrassment. With all the backbiting and
infighting between Democrats and Republicans (all branches) more befitting a
tacky reality show than a governing body, our rulers appear as simply rival
gangs engaged in a turf war, and the results could be devastating. The most
recent and, I think, most alarming, example is the upcoming presidential speech
on employment. We all know we re in a dire jobs situation, and the President
will present a major plan to get us out of this fix. However, his speech was
scheduled for the same day the Republicans were holding an election debate.
They whined, and THE PRESIDENT BACKED DOWN, changing the date of his speech. By
doing that, he gave up much of his power, as he practically admitted that their
debate was more important than his speech. Wrong move. Mr. President, we need a
leader—a Michael Douglas to stand at the presidential podium and declare with
steely gaze, “I am the President.” Conciliation is no longer effective. Please,
Sir, take command and lead us.

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